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John Moffat Festival


Saturday 26-27 May 2001

Free Camping

Monster Goose Club


Historical Displays

Vintage Cars

Antique Motor Display


Free Camping!

Free Town Tours

Barbarrum Dancers JM fest 1999

Pipers, JM Fest 2000

Tea anyone? JM Fest 2000

Vintage Cars 2000

Vintage Car Club Members 2000

Woodchop 2000

Historical Buildings open to the public

Loudoun House Museum (1884), the School of Arts Hall (1901) Police Station/Courthouse (1886), Mango Cottage, Irvinebank State School (1888)

Displays and Exhibitions

Art, Crafts, Antique Motor Display, Black Smith, Historical Displays


Woodchop, Rock - drill, Hand Steel Competition, Ingot Tossing

Fun and Games

Jumping Castle, Merry Go Round, Sand pit treasure hunt, and much more

Food and Drinks

Food Stall, Licensed bar, Recovery breakfast


Tableland Pipe Band, Barbarum Aboriginal Dance and Music, Live band and Dance

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